Just the Beginning

IGNITE Class 12 intern, Kenadie, just finished the IGNITE Program and shares what the Lord did in her life.

Part of life, part of being human, is having problems. We all have them. Whether our problems are internal, with another person, or because of past experience the problems innate to humanity need to be fixed. If something doesn’t happen in reaction to those issues, we become stagnant and unable to move forward. This is precisely the position I was in a year ago. I was hurting and more than anything else I just wanted to not feel anything.


Kenadie and her teammate, Abby, spent their field time in Costa Rica.

The Lord broke into my life this year in a way I could never have imagined. I saw His goodness in the people He put around me. His relentless love was lived out in a way I had never seen before. When His love was shone so brightly, it exposed the hurt and pain I was holding onto. I saw for the first time how much I had hardened and locked up my heart. I figured if my heart was rock hard and locked up behind a thousand walls, I didn’t have to feel hurt. My problems could go away. But, experiencing for myself His goodness despite my failures, broke me. It broke my heart to know how time and time again I had turned down the love He was offering me. I was looking for enjoyment and satisfaction in all the wrong places, and when that didn’t satisfy I blamed God for not being what I wanted Him to be, and I shut down. When un-dealt with sin began to eat away at my heart, I tried to shut down even more to ignore the fact that I was rotting from the inside out. So, I got to IGNITE hurting and in complete denial that I wasn’t able to feel any emotion.


Kenadie at Potter’s Field Kids Costa Rica.

It didn’t take God long to completely strip me of that. He didn’t let me hold onto any hurt or pain or keep any wall up. At first, it terrified me to let walls down. I realized how much I needed those walls to come down in order for the Lord to work in my heart but I still didn’t want to let anyone in just in case they hurt me. But the Lord’s love won! I don’t know how the Lord broke through those walls, but He did. Once He was in I never wanted Him to leave. This new intimacy with my Creator was everything my heart had been crying out for. In that place of surrender and vulnerability, I found freedom. The act I was trying to uphold no longer had a hold on me and in that freedom was incredible peace.

     My natural tendency is still to put up walls. I still want to shut down and ignore problems so that I don’t have to feel anything. When relationships get hard, I would rather hide than take the time to humbly talk it out. But the work the Lord began in IGNITE isn’t over yet. The things He taught me during training, field time, and re-entry I’m now getting an opportunity to put into practice at home. And it’s good. It isn’t good because it’s easy and fun and how I want it to look. It’s good because the Lord is in it. It’s good because I can go to sleep every night knowing that His love for me is enough to heal all wounds. It’s good because, for the first time, His love is changing everything. Instead of scraping by, I can now live abundantly. I’m living the best life.


IGNITE Class 12 and staff.





Service with Gratitude

IGNITE Class 13 intern, Hope Greenberg, of Calvary Chapel Boston, shares from her time serving on the Mudman Food Truck at the Calvary Chapel Pastors and Wives Conference at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs.

During training or even when I flew to Montana awaiting my field time I would have never thought what the Lord had for me. He ordained me to be on tour with PFM as well as my team that I am with 24/7. Being picked for Tour, I knew I was going to be serving at the tables on Sundays for sponsorship, selling Miss Pam’s CDs, and helping set up and tear down. And I have and am doing these things every service. I knew we had served previously at Mudman to help us prepare for the CCA Pastors & Wives Conference. But I had no clue the impact it would have on my life.


Potter’s Field presentation, Fall 2017.

On November 5th we finished packing up the service we had at Foothills Christian Fellowship and headed to Diamond Bar. We were going there to help the Mudman crew with the prep for an upcoming couple of days. My heart was not right as we pulled up to help. We got out of the car, and it seemed like there was nothing to do. I stood there for a few minutes waiting for a task for me to do. Then Jojo asked me to run for fries. I was so bitter, but the Lord was working in my heart. My flesh was incredibly weak. That whole night I fought with God as I carried the fries to the fridge and back. I had no clue what the Lord was doing in my heart as I faithfully did the job assigned to me. That night as we finished around midnight, I was ready for the Pastor’s conference. I was ready to serve the Pastors that constantly pour out to their congregations.


The Mudman food truck at the CCA Pastors and Wives Conference.

The next day the Lord gave me this gratitude and joy as I worked at Mudman for the next two days. I have never had this joy and thankfulness as I served the Lord in my whole life. In those three days of the Pastor’s Conference, I was able to serve the Pastors that have so faithfully heeded the calling that the Lord has placed upon their lives. I was able to serve my Pastor, my friend’s parents, and the pastors that taught me in my training. Those long days of prepping in Montana were used to bring me to be able to work at Mudman so I could serve these men and women.

It was not easy serving these longs days, but the Lord blessed it. He blessed me abundantly. In these days the Lord was putting on my heart, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). He was teaching me to seek Him and the Kingdom of God first. Then all these things will be added unto me. I was able to serve with my brothers and sisters in Christ in fellowship. I was able to lean on the Lord for strength to leave an impact on the people attending the conference.

IMG_9937 Team Uganda-Tour

Interns (left to right), Hope, Mikaela, Rachel, and Caroline, serving with Potter’s Field’s Fall 2017 tour.

Stones of Remembrance

So excited to announce that Lamp Post Publishers and Potter’s Field Ministries is releasing a new book!

Stones of Remembrance, written by Pam Rozell, will be released in December.  It is Michael and Pam’s life story of redemption, the miracles of God and how He healed and restored a decimated marriage and resurrected it into a ministry that has touched millions for the past twenty-five years.

Stones of Remembrance Cover v8

Here’s what people are saying:

Kevin and I have been blessed by the Rozell’s testimony and have long supported Potter’s Field Ministries.  We never miss seeing their ministry when they come to town.  Stones of Remembrance is an expressive and powerful account of God’s transforming love, how He changed their lives, healed their broken marriage and set them on a course to bring hope to others around the world.  May you be uplifted and renewed in faith by reading this book.
Sam Sorbo, Actress, Author, Talk Radio Host, Writer/Producer, Let There Be Light movie in theaters now.

As you read about the lives of Mike and Pam in this wonderful book, you will see before your eyes and heart how the Lord took two people so deeply entrenched in this fallen world and lifted them out into being incredibly used by the Lord.
Pastor Don McClure, Chairman Calvary Chapel Association/Calvary Way Ministries

first mag2017

Stones of Remembrance helps the reader feel as if they know Michael and Pam.  This book is going to inspire and motivate people to trust God in the midst of adversity and dream big for the Lord’s work.
Dave Hoffman, Pastor, Foothills Christian Church

This is a book you can’t put down.  Pam is open and honest about her struggles with her marriage, how God divinely intervened and their journey serving Jesus together.  Her life’s story is about God’s redemption and the restoration of a ruined and broken life due to poor choices.  A must read!
Gail Mays, Retreat and Conference Speaker, Author, Pastor’s Wife for over forty years with her late husband, Pastor Steve Mays



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A Vessel In His Hands

IGNITE Class 13 intern, Julio, has just finished three months of training in Guatemala. He shares about how the program has impacted his life and thanks those who support the work of Potter’s Field Ministries.


Dear Potter’s Field Sponsors:

My name is Julio André Castillo and I´m 20 years old. I was born and raised in Guatemala in a town called Morales, Izabal, but for the last 11 weeks have been living in Antigua, Guatemala.  For this part of my life, I am going through IGNITE Class 13 during the training phase. I got to know this ministry last year by my friend Natalia Navas, a staff member here in Antigua. While she was sharing her testimony with me and all that God has done and still was doing in her life, I found myself in awe. It was surprising to see the change in her life after a few months of IGNITE; it was something I didn’t expect from her. Seeing her face shine as she shared and knowing how God was using her life for His work started to move my heart. During that time, I was finishing my second year of Business Engineering in Universidad Francisco Marroquin. Without a real relationship with God, I was surviving, not living. Through some struggles of lacking purpose, purity, and self-identity, I didn’t care for His will. The only thing that remained was what I knew from Him since I was a kid: the desire to be His servant and something great for Him. My heart and prayer has always been the dream to live for God, but fear has been my obstacle. Although there were times in which I would try to commit myself to Him, I couldn’t endure and rapidly burned out.


This past June was a changing point in my life. I was still struggling with the same problems and it was so tiring physically, mentally, and spiritually in a way that nothing in my life looked to be working out. When suddenly, thanks to Natalia, I met Austin and Shannon Hiatt. That afternoon I had the opportunity to share some words with Austin and open a little bit of my heart to him. Not even knowing what was coming, Austin invited me to be part of IGNITE Class 13. I felt like all my prayers were answered. In spite of being afraid and doubtful, I left my school and family and accepted the invitation.

Since then it has been an eye-opening time. At the introductory lesson with Pastor Michael, I knew that for the first time in my life I was in the right place at the right moment with the correct people. Watching the potter demonstration, a movie of all my life was playing through my mind. I saw every moment of love, hardship, suffering, joy, and sadness. God told me that every day of life was required and assigned in His plan so that I could be there that day in Antigua. It didn’t matter my condition or sin; He had my life in His hands.

It is amazing how big the ministry is, and I would have never imagined there could be something like this here in Guatemala. It is a blessing what Potter’s Field is doing here with us; a blessing for my life and definitely for other Guatemalans too. God has used every classmate, lesson, staff, and pastor to speak to my life in a way I would have never known.



It is amazing the growth of my relationship with God in this process, I have shared the gospel more in the last eleven weeks than I ever did in all my life. In outreaches, hospital visits, or Kids Club, He is working in me. Before I wanted a god for my life, now my life is for God. The revelation of His sacrifice has set me free from my anxieties and fear, and I am walking in His freedom! It is a constant surrender of myself to the Lord, in my will or desires, because my love for Him has grown to a level in which I want to please Him. My heart now is breaking for the souls out here in my country. I want to be a vessel in His hands that He can use to reach people and share His love. I know that God is in my country and that He loves us. I know this first for having all of you with Potter’s Field, and because of testimony after testimony in the outreaches. We have been able to witness God´s faithfulness.


I thank you very much for all your incredible support. Your help has been used to build His kingdom in this amazing country. Your seeds have planted more seeds of salvation and joy in kids, young adults, and older people. I ask that our Lord bless each one of you by name and that He would give you back all you have planted with increase.

With much love,

Julio Castillo

A Letter of Thanks

Dear Sponsor of Potters Field Ministries,

  My name is Micah Clark. I am a nineteen-year-old New Jersey native who is currently living in Uganda, Africa with the Potters Field IGNITE program. I would like to formally thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could tell you face to face, but as of now, I will just have to do so over a letter. So thank you so much. I am unsure if you know all that your donations go to, but I have been a part of first-hand seeing and receiving the blessing that you have been and are. Here in Uganda, every Saturday we have a Kids Club. At Kids Club the children receive a Bible lesson and lunch. The children are nourished both physically and also spiritually. Some of these kids don’t get to eat every day, so this free lunch on Saturday is a guaranteed meal for at least one day. Your donation means something. And the children here have to pay fees for their education and with large families, even some single families, money is tight, so your donations go to help put Ugandan children into school so they can receive a better future.

Your donation goes to help sendthe interns to different parts of Africa too. Three other interns and I just went to a country named Burundi. Burundi is two countries away from Uganda and the second most impoverished nation in the world. With your donation, we not only assisted in a Pastor’s conference but also put on a Kids Club and Sunday school for the children. You also had the opportunity to provide food for the group of fifty pastors at this conference as well as a group of hungry, Burundian kids.


If you are at all curious if your donation actually makes a difference, it does. I have seen this first-hand. My time here on the field has been life changing. I entered IGNITE immature and just a boy, but I feel as my time wraps up I am maturing more and more every day and turning into a Christ-centered man. I certainly still have a way to go, but just the growth that has come out of this short season is more than I could ever imagine without it.

I wish you had the chance to see on your own what your donation does, just the impact it makes in the lives of the children here. The Ugandan kids are beautiful, energetic, playful, and just such bundles of joy. It breaks my heart to know they don’t get food, shoes, clothes, or basic life necessities sometimes, but your donation goes towards that. So I am so thankful for that.


As I have only a month and a half left in Uganda, I will be leaving soon, but my heart will continue to be here. So I thank you for your donations, and I thank you for your prayers, and I thank you for being a part of something bigger than you, even if you don’t get to see it first-hand.  I ask you that you would continue to donate for these kids. I am so thankful to know that every Saturday thanks to you as a Sponsor they will receive at least one meal for the day or even the week. I can’t express it enough of how thankful I am for you.

With much love and appreciation,

Micah Clark


Meet Sofia!

Valerie (of Calvary Chapel Boston) spent the past five months serving in Guatemala with the Potter’s Field IGNITE Program. Over that course of time, she has gotten to closely know many of the children who attend Kids Club in Antigua. One of these girls is sweet, eight-year-old Sofia. 

“To those who pray for her all over the world, Sofia wanted to say thank you. She truly has a heart of gratitude for what you may be sacrificing, whether that is your time in prayer or helping financially. From the bottom of her heart, she wants to thank you for your prayers, for helping her learn more about Jesus, and for the wonderful opportunity to be able to come to a place to partake in fellowship with other Christians.”

Sofia Armas is the kind of girl you just can’t miss at Kids Club. She is beautiful both inside and out and the passion in her heart for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, beams from her face. Although she is quiet, her personality cannot be missed. Every week Sofia attends Kids Club with her mother and grandmother. She is always one of the first to volunteer to pray or to help with other activities. She can always be found dancing in the front row with her whole heart. Her mother and grandmother enjoy dancing with her from the back of the room. The joy of the Lord fills not only her life but her family’s life as well. All three of them attend church at Calvary Chapel Antigua which allows for the incredible opportunity and privilege to see them on Sundays.


Sofia #5


Through growing in a relationship with not only Sofia but also her family over the past eight months, I have learned more about what love is. Every time I see them, Sofia, her mother, and grandmother go out of their way to see how I am doing because they genuinely care. Early in my field time I fell and ended up in a cast. The love that they showed me at that time was in abundance. All of them continue to check up on me every week to see how the healing process is going. Their love encourages me to go deeper with the people around me. I am more on the quiet, reserved side and I tend to avoid conversation; but because of their love and their willingness to always talk I am encouraged to step more out of my comfort zone.

Outside of Kids Club, Sofia is a very busy eight-year-old. Just to name a few of her hobbies, she has a love for art, hip-hop dancing, and learning the piano. Despite being busy with all of her extra activities she also keeps her grades in school very high; she even loves to study in her free time.

Sofia at Potter's Field Kids Guatemala

Sofia at Potter’s Field Kids Guatemala


Sofia has a passion for the Lord and doesn’t know exactly when the Lord came into her heart, but she knows that He is dwelling within her. God is her Father, and she realizes her deep need for Him in her life. Genesis is her favorite Bible book. She loves to read and continuously learn what the Lord has for her in His word. Learning about how the Lord is the Creator of all is something that fascinates her and strengthens her walk with Him.

Two years ago, Sofia’s mother heard of Kids Club through a few of her friends. Since then she has been coming almost every Wednesday. Sofia’s life has been impacted by the works of the Lord through Kids Club. She has been changed by the relationship with the Lord that she has learned to have at Kids Club with the help of the God-driven teachers of the Word. Learning how to speak the Word is also an amazing thing that she is learning how to do more of.


Sofia #8

IGNITE Class 12 intern, Valerie (of CC Boston), with Sofia!


Loved by God

This is the story of seven-year-old Natalia of PFK Costa Rica, as told by our IGNITE Class 12 intern, Kenadie (of Crossroads Community Church). Kenadie has been serving in Costa Rica for the past four months through the Potter’s Field IGNITE program and has been able to get to know and love little Natalia through serving at the local Kids Clubs both in Llanito and in Villarreal (alongside Calvary Chapel Villarreal). Please be praying for Natalia and all of the children who attend Kids Club in Costa Rica.

Like most of the kids in Llanito, Costa Rica, Natalia was born in Nicaragua. She moved to Costa Rica when she was five years old to live with her extended family. She faithfully attends Kids Club every Monday in Llanito, Costa Rica with two of her older cousins. Kids Club has only been in Llanito for about a year, so she hasn’t been attending for very long, but she is part of the original group of children. Natalia knew nothing about Jesus when she first started coming to Kids Club but is now hearing about Him every week through the songs and Bible stories.

Costa Rica is the melting pot of central America, and it is common for Nicaraguans to move to Costa Rica because of how much safer it is. Unfortunately, they are not always welcomed with open arms. Nicaraguans are looked down on by the majority of native Costa Ricans. Even if they’re good citizens, they are viewed as dirty and considered outsiders. Children like Natalia who move here are going to stand out for their entire lives. At the school in Llanito, most of the students are from Nicaragua, but anywhere outside of that, biases are going to follow them. Natalia is part of this group of people seen as slightly “less than” simply because of where she was born.

Natalia lives with her aunt and cousins while her mom lives in Nicaragua. Her mom didn’t do this out of a heart to protect her but because she didn’t want her daughter to be with her. Although she lives in a safer country, the heartache of not being wanted by her mother has deeply hurt Natalia. Seven years old is old enough to know that she isn’t wanted by the woman who should love her more than anyone else. Through Kids Club, Natalia is learning about the God who loves her enough to die for her. She is learning that she is valued and wanted by the King of kings. For the first time in her life, she is being shown the love that she has always needed. She is being told that our God is near to the broken hearted.


Natalia 32

Natalia (right) at Potter’s Field Kids Club Costa Rica


This reality of being unwanted is one that is not uncommon in Costa Rica. It is normal to start having children by the age of 15 or 16, almost always outside of marriage and usually with multiple men. be committed to raising a family together and even more rare that they get married. Because the family unit isn’t prioritized, children are not seen as precious blessings from the Lord. Without the Lord breaking into Natalia’s life, this is all she would ever know. She would never see that there is any other way of life. We know that the Lord can do anything, but watching Him break the cycle of brokenness never ceases to amaze me.

Please pray for Natalia to have a heart that loves the Lord from a very young age. Pray that she would find healing and comfort in the fact that Jesus loves her and died for her sins. As the Lord begins to change her life, please pray that she would be an example to her family and friends of what it means to love the Lord with your whole heart.


Natalia 12

Natalia (center) with IGNITE Class 12 intern, Kenadie, of Crossroads Community Church (right)