A Familiar Face

Pastor Mark Martinez and his family from Calvary Chapel Katy in Katy, TX were able to join us on our first Family Mission Trip in Antigua, Guatemala this past week. This visit was quite a special because for them, it was not only a trip to a beautiful location, but an opportunity to meet their Potter’s Field prayer child, Ana.


Words from Pastor Mark:

When Michael and Pam Rozell visited our fellowship in May, our family chose a child from the many children available to pray for through sponsoring the Potter’s Field Kid’s program. At the time we knew we would be coming to Guatemala and selected a child, a girl from there close in age to our daughter, Elia. In the days of preparation leading up to our trip, our children were excited to be able to meet our prayer child, Ana Rebecca. As we prayed for her we also began to consider small gifts, along with a photograph of our family that we would that we would be able to bring for her in the event that we could meet her and spend a little bit of time with her.

Our first day of ministry in Guatemala included serving at a PFM Kids Club in the area of town where Ana Rebecca lives. As the children sang worship songs we spotted her in the crowd. She was so cute and looked just like she does in the picture that hangs on our refrigerator. Over the course of the afternoon we had several opportunities to interact with her. Through a translator we were able to tell her that we are praying for her and introduce her to our children. Ana Rebecca is very shy, but she is also very precious. We learned that she is one of eleven children. We were also able to meet her nephew Jonathan who is her age and attends Kids Club with her.

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Over the years we have sponsored other children in other countries through another ministry. While we love them, pray for them and are reminded of them by their photos on our refrigerator, Ana Rebecca is the only one we have been able to meet face to face. It was such a privilege to be able to share the love of Jesus with her. It was a wonderful and memorable experience for our family to come and see the work the Lord is doing in Guatemala through Potter’s Field Ministries. Meeting Ana Rebecca was one of the highlights of our trip.


A Match Made in Montana

Pastor Steve Venable had the privilege of officiating at past IGNITE interns Brandon and Ashley’s wedding on Sunday, July 26th. Brandon and Ashley were part of IGNITE Class 3 from July 2012 during which time the Lord began a work in their lives that culminated this past weekend in marriage. It’s been a long time coming, as during the program Ashley and Brandon spent 6 months apart as Ashley served in Uganda and Brandon spent his 6 months in Kenya.

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Ashley in Uganda

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Brandon in Kenya

They truly gave their relationship to the Lord and allowed Him to work it together in His perfect timing. It was a incredible ceremony made even more special by many of their past classmates attending – Scott and Charvel Condon, Scott Norwood, Jacob Hawk , Danielle McDonald, Micah Murphy (who was a one of Brandon’s Groomsman), and Tandrian Riddering – as well as our Ministry Overseers in Kenya, Geoff and Linda Simpson, with their two kids, Christian and Faith.

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Brandon, Ashley, and Pastor Steve Venable with a crew from IGNITE Class 3 as well as our Kenya overseers Geoff & Linda with their children

It was truly a wonderful celebration of what God has and is doing in the lives of Brandon and Ashley, and also a special time of reunion for Pastor Steve with all those who continue to live out what they learned from the Lord through IGNITE! We are so honored to have had them in our program and we are so excited for the life and ministry the Lord has set ahead of them. Pray for Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Shackelford as they begin this new stage in their lives – that of husband and wife – with hearts that desire to glorify God!