Life on Mission

My name is Kait McMahon, I am 25 years old, and I was an intern in IGNITE class 9. The IGNITE program is a year-long commitment that gives young people the opportunity to come together and live out the purposes of Christ, and to love like He did. I joined the Potter’s Field IGNITE program because I wanted to grow in my relationship with Jesus. I knew that God had an incredible year in store for me, but what I didn’t know was that He would use this year to transform me, for the rest of my life.

The first phase of the IGNITE program was the training in Guatemala. Training was a crucial time where I was able to get rooted in God’s Word and become prepared in my heart and mind for the upcoming time out on the mission field. For three months I was able to attend classes geared toward missions, learn from pastors from all over the country, and participate in PFM’s Kids Club in Antigua. Not only was training a time of great personal spiritual growth but growth together as a class. God took 11 people from 11 different places and backgrounds and knit our hearts together. We found strength in the unity of our bond in Christ and ultimately our common purpose of wanting to know the Lord, and make Him known. By the time we were assigned our country teams and had our commissioning night, we were all ready and excited to see what the Lord was going to do!


Kait serving at Potter’s Field Kids Club in Guatemala during IGNITE training

I was sent to Kenya for my six months of field time, which turned out to be a blessing beyond anything I have ever experienced. My team and I had a full schedule of teaching both from the Bible and academics. We spent most of our time teaching at the Potter’s Field Christian Academy in Rongai, but we were also able to teach at a special unit, a children’s home, at tutoring sessions, at Sunday school, and at schools in the surrounding communities. Every Saturday we helped to run a Kids Club where there were upwards of 300 kids in attendance! Every week as these awesome numbers of children came to Kids Cub to be fed a meal and hear the gospel, I was reminded of how powerful our God really is. Seeing His Holy Spirit at work often left me in awe.

Being in Kenya for six months allowed me the time to form real friendships with the Kenyan teens, and I found great joy in ministering to and discipling some of the teen girls. It was such a blessing to learn all about their lives, hear their prayer requests and praise reports, and to help them through struggles and celebrate with them in their victories. It was a beautiful thing to see these young people begin to put their hope in God and grow in their faith.


“The children were my favorite part of my field time in Kenya.”

It was truly a privilege to be among the Kenyan people. The children were my favorite part of my field time in Kenya. The love God grew in me for the children of Rongai gave me glimpses of how our Heavenly Father loves us. The Bible talks about this love that is “long and wide and high and deep,” and being with these children allowed me to experience this four-dimensional love. I had my own set of trials on the mission field, but it was this love, and the joy that it brought me, that was my constant source of strength. My field time taught me so much, but above all, God used my time in Kenya to teach me about His love. The love of God knows no bounds. It pushes us far beyond what we ever thought possible. In Christ, I am confronted with the beautiful truth that I can always go deeper into love, and in Kenya, I learned that I want to spend my life chasing its depths; I want to learn of it, live in it, and share it with the world.

After the six months of field time in Kenya, our class was reunited in Montana at the Potter’s Field headquarters for our re-entry phase. Re-entry was a time of re-connection with our classmates, reflection of our field time, and rest in the Lord. We also had the unique opportunity to serve at the first Potter’s Field Kids Club at PFM’s newest location in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Throughout our time in re-entry, we were able to share our experiences serving in the country we were assigned to and again had the opportunity to be taught by Spirit-filled pastors like we had been in training. After pouring out and giving my field time everything I had in me, the re-entry phase of IGNITE filled me back up and l felt refreshed, renewed, and ready to go into the final phase of the IGNITE program of serving at my home church.


Kait serving at her home church, Calvary Chapel North Shore, in Danvers, MA

            My final two months of the IGNITE program were spent at my home church, Calvary Chapel North Shore in Danvers, Massachusetts. Being able to come home and immediately begin to serve at my home church was a blessing, and it gave me the opportunity to be a blessing to the church that sent me out. Serving those two months at my home church also helped to give me direction in where I believe the Lord would have me serve long term. Since finishing my two months I have begun to help with the administration in media, in ladies’ discipleship, and I am now a Sunday school teacher for the 5-11 year-olds at my church.

The IGNITE program lives up to its name. It has ignited a fire in my heart to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. Potter’s Field Ministries gave me the opportunity to live for a year as a missionary, but this year has given me the desire to live a life of mission, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this program. I am thankful for Pastor Mike, and his continual encouragement to “stay busy about our Father’s business.” I am thankful for the PFM staff in Montana and around the world who persevere in selflessly serving the Lord. I am thankful for the PFM sponsors, whose finances the Lord uses not only to feed and teach thousands of children but also to reach far beyond our human eyes’ scope. And ultimately this past year in the IGNITE program has made me eternally thankful that we have a loving God who truly can do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine.

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Kait during her six months serving on the field in Kenya

Planting Seeds of Hope in Phnom Penh

There is power in a story, and there is great power in a testimony. Today, I want to give you a glimpse into the story of Monyruth Pin, a four-year-old preschool student at New Life School.

My name is Emily Kreger, and I am an IGNITE Class 11 intern serving in Cambodia. I have the privilege and honor to witness the beautiful partnership between Potter’s Field Ministries and New Life Fellowship. NLF is the church that Potter’s Field serves alongside in Cambodia, and one of the areas of their partnership is in New Life School. New Life School is a Christian school in the city of Phnom Penh that God is using not only to educate children but to reach hearts and souls with the name of Jesus. Potter’s Field IGNITE interns have the privilege to teach English to the children at New Life School while building relationships that last to eternity.

I am living my dream teaching the sweetest class of 20 preschoolers. I know that I am doing so much more than teaching them English; I am loving them with the love of Christ and testifying of His Gospel. I firmly believe that they are men and women who God will use mightily for His kingdom. One of the girls in my class who I know God’s hand is upon is Monyruth.


Monyruth quickly gravitated towards me, and we formed a special bond. Even though we can’t really communicate with words yet, the Spirit of God knit our hearts together. Monyruth is bright, creative, and endearing. My teacher’s assistant told me a little about her story, and my heart went out to her even more. Monyruth doesn’t have a mother in her life, as her parents were divorced. She is being raised by her grandma. One day in class as we were playing with playdough, she ran over and hung on my neck. At that moment, God ministered to my heart about the impact we can have in others’ lives. Monyruth doesn’t know the love of a mother and you can see that is was hungry for love.

What an amazing opportunity I have been given to love this beautiful child of God. Every day God teaches me so much as I teach my class of preschoolers. Through this class and through Monyruth, He has really taught me that life is all about loving Him with my heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving whoever is in front of me. And, on those special occasions where the person in front of me is a girl from a broken home who lacks a mother’s love, I am even more overwhelmed and thankful for the opportunity to love.


Through Monyruth, God showed me that what I am doing doesn’t create significance, but how I do it. God showed me that I can teach a letter sound, play with playdough with the children, and sing child songs to glorify myself or to glorify Him. I glorify myself when I seek my gain in the situation. But when I surrender every act to Him and love the person in front of me for their gain; that gives glory to God.

I wouldn’t have this opportunity without the partnership of New Life School and Potter’s Field Ministries. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to love children like Monyruth. Thank you, Potter’s Field Sponsors for not only investing in my life but in Monyruth’s life as well. Your faithfulness in giving through finances and prayer is reaching hearts and souls all the way to the end of the earth.

Even to Eternity

The following was written by IGNITE Class 11 intern, Alisha Espinal of CC Agape, reflecting on her time in the training portion of the IGNITE program before heading to Browning, MT to serve alongside Glacier View Baptist Chapel on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation for the next six months.

Dear Sponsors of Potter’s Field Ministries,

            My name is Alisha Espinal and I am 24 years old. Before coming to IGNITE, I was attending Calvary Chapel Agape in the Bronx, New York. I am a part of Class 11 and currently in the training process of the program. It has been a great time for studying the Bible, discipleship, and serving in Kids Club and outreaches. I joined IGNITE to seek the Lord without the distractions of the world; I truly wanted to seek His will for my life rather than following the pattern the world has set. As you may know, after training we will be serving on the mission field for six months. I didn’t have an idea of where the Lord would send me, nor a desire in my heart to serve in any specific location. When we received our field assignments I was told I was going to Browning, Montana to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation located in the Northwest United States. I am looking forward to serving there, as I have always been interested in the plight of the Native Americans. I am looking forward to serving and truly becoming a part of the community as best as I can over the upcoming six months.


Alisha and teammates during a market outreach presenting the Gospel in Antigua, Guatemala

           IGNITE has truly impacted my life in more ways than I could have ever dreamt possible. I have truly seen how the Lord wants to guide me step by step. Living in His way requires steps of faith and the decision to put our own desires and will to the side in order to follow Him. It has truly helped me evolve. I do not have many Christian friends my age back home, and it is amazing to see how discipleship, accountability, and fellowship aid in walking closely with Christ. Various outreaches and serving opportunities have shown me the joy I can have in my life through serving Him. IGNITE has given me the tools and boldness to share the Gospel. One of the most impactful moments was going to Escuintla, a city located on a trash dump. I met a beautiful little girl named Dulce. Her intelligence and eagerness to learn inspired me. As I taught her some English words and saw how quickly she learned, I saw how bright she was, but I also saw the difficult circumstances she would have to face to overcome her surroundings. I felt led by the Spirit to tell her that all her power comes from Christ and with Him she could achieve anything. I will be praying for Dulce, and who knows what the Lord will do with the words I shared with her, but I know that the Lord used Dulce to show me just how amazing He is. The Lord softened my heart to care for others and to share the one true hope in a living God and His word.


Alisha with child at Potter’s Field Kids Club

            I just want to truly thank you for your support. Without your generosity this would not be possible. I see how many hearts are not only being transformed in IGNITE but during Kids Club, outreaches, and serving in the community. I know this experience will not only impact my life here on earth but for eternity. “Thank you” does not suffice for the opportunity provided to me through your support and prayers. I intend on carrying the tools taught to me to be a light to my family and friends and to be a better daughter and sister. If I can leave you with anything, I want to give you the assurance that you are making a difference and playing an important role in changing lives, even to eternity.

Thank you!

A Word of Thanks

Written by Kazden Colpitts of IGNITE Class 10, from Crossroads Community Church:

Dear Sponsors of Potter’s Field Ministries,

My name is Kazden Colpitts, and I am in IGNITE Class 10. I am from Vancouver, Washington, just north of Portland, Oregon. My home church is Crossroads Community Church which I have been attending since I was three years old. Growing up going to church, I never thought I would get a chance to travel the world and spread the name of Jesus, especially at the age of nineteen. Right now I am in the field time phase of IGNITE, serving in the country of Cambodia. It has been the opportunity of a lifetime to be in the IGNITE program.


Kazden in Guatemala during IGNITE training

Being in IGNITE is an experience that I will glean from for the rest of my life. This program has made an impact on my life that has changed me deeply. These last few months I’ve gotten to live among Cambodians in a village and be a part of their lives. Getting to eat meals, play soccer, and just hang out with them has helped me to understand and love people so much more deeply. Before coming to Cambodia, it was so easy for me to look at people and define them by their circumstances. Now I am able to see past people’s conditions and into their lives. I am able to get to know them for who they are, without preconceived ideas based on the appearance of their lives. Cambodians and Americans alike, both need Jesus. All Cambodians share a dark history because of the genocide that happened in their country about forty years ago. Many people have no hope in the future, but the Christians here are passionate in their faith. It has been very encouraging to see life from the perspective of a Cambodian, as they are zealous for what God is going to do in their country through them.


Kazden at Kids Club with PFM Staff in Samrong Young, Cambodia

I am looking forward to taking that zealous faith back to home with me. America needs it. The direction I was going before coming to the IGNITE program was lacking God’s control. There was a grip on my life before IGNITE that I’ve learned to give to God. I have a sense now that God is in control of my life and has a plan that He wants to accomplish in my life. When I finish this program, I know God has a life in store for me that I would never have known had I said “no” to this opportunity He gave me in the form of the IGNITE program. As so many youth in our country are living without the presence of God in their lives, I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity I had, if God calls them.

I thank the sponsors of Potter’s Field Ministries for the work they enable to happen around the world. Without your support it wouldn’t be possible.


Potter’s Field Kids Kenya: Mary

            Mary is a nine-year-old ray of sunshine who I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past five months. I am blessed to see her nearly every day of the week. Mary attends Potter’s Field Christian Academy (where I teach her Math class), comes to Kids Club every Saturday, and sits with me at church on Sunday mornings. Every time I see her sweet face, she greets me with a hug and says, “My best friend!” The love of this child is overwhelming.

When I asked her some of the things that she loved to do, she told me that she loves to hug, and also, that she loves to help her parents. If she could have any job in the world, she would become an engineer, so she could take care of her parents and future family. This gives you just a glimpse into the love of Mary’s heart, and the joy I have found in knowing her. Jesus talks about having the heart and faith of a child, and I now have a clear example of what that looks like. Mary has the purest heart, the sweetest smile, and the deepest love for God and others. She is always hugging someone, always smiling, and she never stops laughing.


Mary told me that although her family may not have a lot, they have the Lord, and He will provide for their needs. In fact, that was how Mary came to know Jesus. When she was six years old, her family did not have enough money to pay their bills, so she began to pray that God would provide for their needs. Soon after, God provided for every need, and then some, and that is when Mary began to believe in Jesus. One year later, a friend told her that there was a place where she could learn about God, and she has come to Kids Club ever since that day.

In 2015, Mary’s schooling was paid for by Potter’s Field sponsors, and she now attends PFCA. Mary loves our school because she has good teachers, and gets to play with her friends and the interns. She is so thankful to Potter’s Field Ministries for teaching her and helping her family, and bringing her to a new school. Mary would also like to tell sponsors, “Thank you for choosing me. And thank you for helping my family and giving us the things that we need.” I am so thankful that I know such a sweet girl, and have found a best friend in my little sister Mary.


Charis Bassi – Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

IGNITE Class 10 – Team Kenya

Costa Rica Revival

Cassandra Lopez served in IGNITE Class 6 in 2014 and currently oversees Potter’s Field Kids in Costa Rica. Recently her and her husband took 14 kids on a four-day Youth Retreat. It was an amazing trip. The following was sent from Cassandra, and recounts what each of the youth learned:

Sofia: “God was correcting me a lot during this trip. His will is perfect and good, and yet lately I have been trying to do my own thing, following my own will. I learned that I so often live for myself, and not for the glory of God. So many people are dying without Christ, and I am over here selfishly not saying anything. I want to live in God’s perfect will, because I know His will is the best.”

Belen: “I need to offer my life as a living and holy sacrifice, that is pleasing to the Lord. Sometimes I think I am doing well, but then God shows me how prideful and selfish I can be. I need to learn to love, to really love people, like God loves me. I need to share God’s love with others.”

Rebecca: “Peter said, ‘God I will never leave you, I will die with you!’ But then we see him deny Christ three times. I realize that I sometimes deny Christ too. Not always with my words, but maybe because I don’t say anything or with my actions. I don’t want to be like Peter, I want people to know that I love Jesus.”

Anayeli: “Everything we do we need to do for Jesus, as an act of worship.”

Denis: “Learning about Moses really impacted me. He wanted to be in God’s presence. He had a jealousy, a fever, for the presence of God. He would look for it and then never leave. Here and now we don’t have to go anywhere to be with the Spirit of God, because He lives in us. Yet, we don’t have that fever that Moses did. It makes me think of when someone gives you something for free, compared to when you have to work for it. We often treat those things differently. But I want to have a relationship with the Lord like Moses did.”

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Spending time in the Word

Katherine: “When we were doing outreaches and people wouldn’t accept tracts I felt bad. But I have to be okay with the fact that not everyone will accept.”

Nazareth: “I learned that I need to be aware of my actions. Actions speak louder than words. I need to really love those around me. And God really convicted me about how He doesn’t look at the outward appearance, but at the heart. I need to focus more on my heart, then on what I look like.”

Maria: “We need to leave vengeance in God’s hands. I need to be patient and loving to those who hurt me. I need to not hit my brothers when they upset me, but treat them with love. As a result, God will bless me and I will overcome wickedness with good.”

Fatima: “I learned to love my neighbors, forgive others, and just live for God. Also, that I don’t need to get caught up in my appearance, because God looks at my heart.”

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Performing a skit presenting the gospel message

Ivan: “God really convicted me when we read about how God doesn’t look at the outside, but at the heart. God described a heart that is beautiful in 1 Peter 3. It doesn’t just apply to women. I want to have that heart, the heart that God desires for me. Also, during worship one night, I felt the presence of the Lord with me. It was the first time I ever felt Him like that. It wasn’t emotions or excitement from what was going on around me, it was just Him and I. I just keep thinking about that, it is something I will never forget.”

Julian: “Sometimes I act like the Israelites with Moses. It is just about what I want, but not about what God wants for me.”

Elias: “I don’t want to pay people back for the bad things they do to me. I don’t need to because I have Jesus. Maybe if I stop getting mad and upset, but instead am happy (because I don’t care what they say), people will notice. Maybe they will say, ‘Why is he happy when people are mean to him. I want to be happy too.’ Then maybe they will ask me and I can tell them about Jesus and invite them to church.”

Jose Luis: “I learned that God doesn’t care about the outside, and that we need to put vengeance in God’s hands.”

Camila: “I need to leave vengeance in God’s hands. I need to stop hitting those who tease me (my enemies). Also, when we are sorry and feel bad for our past, God will always forgive us, so I need to forgive others too. I am like the Israelites with Moses, but I don’t want to continue being like them. I want to be like Moses. I want to share God’s word with others, I want to read God’s word, I want to be a disciple. I will be a disciple! I know I will! And I will bless my enemies. When they are hungry, I will give them something to eat and when they are thirsty I will give them something to drink. I want to be 100% a disciple for Jesus!

We hope you were as blessed as we were when we heard them sharing these things. Because of your faithful prayers and financial support, children all over the world are being discipled and growing in their relationships with the Lord.

That’s not all, these 14 youth had something to say to you. They want to thank you for your prayers and they hope you are all blessed beyond what you can imagine.

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Please continue in prayer for them; pray that these things would remain real in their lives, and that they would allow God to mold and shape them. We know that God wants to use them in such a mighty way to shine His light. He already is!

Thank you, thank you with all of our hearts. May God bless you abundantly!

Guatemala Family Mission Trip 2016

We are delighted to introduce Potter’s Field Ministries’ second annual Family Mission Trip to Guatemala! Pastor Michael and Pam invite you to join them on this special one-week trip to our location in Antigua, Guatemala.


As the planning has continued to come together for this trip, the staff at Potter’s Field has found themselves beyond thrilled at this opportunity to give you a glimpse into the ministry that you have so faithfully supported and prayed for. It is one of our greatest joys to get to share with you a face-to-face experience of the incredible work the Lord is doing. We long for each of our friends, family members, prayer partners, and supporters to be able to know on a greater level the depth of impact they are a part of making around the world. This Family Mission Trip is an exciting chance for us to offer exactly that to you and your family!

The Family Mission Trip will consist of a variety of aspects, from experiencing firsthand the Potter’s Field Kids programs in Guatemala and interacting directly with those precious children, to sightseeing around the beautiful and historical area of Antigua. Guests will also participate in hands-on outreaches ministering to those in great need who don’t yet know the love of Christ, as well as witness the IGNITE Mission Training School in full swing with both a class of interns in training, and a class of interns serving their six months onsite in Guatemala. All in all, this trip will hold countless opportunities for you and your family to be blessed as you are a blessing to others, to spend quality time together, and to be encouraged by the far-reaching work the Lord is accomplishing through your faithfulness.

As you look over the following information, please know that we are absolutely available to you for any questions at all that may arise, and would be happy to provide further details when possible. Please do not hesitate to contact our Missions Assistant, Christa Stoltzfus, at or 1-877-337-2624.

Trip Dates:

Arrival on Saturday, August 6, 2016 // Departure on Friday, August 12, 2016


The Potter’s Field Center is Potter’s Field Ministries’ Central American headquarters and Training Center for the IGNITE Mission Training School, located in the city of Antigua, Guatemala. The Family Mission trip will center around this location, as well as including trips to additional Potter’s Field Kids programs and schools where the IGNITE interns teach English, in the areas surrounding Antigua.


Potter’s Field Center

Travel Requirements

All travelers must have a valid passport with an expiration date six months beyond their departure from Guatemala.

Medical Travel Insurance is highly recommended, as Potter’s Field Ministries is not liable for any medical expenses incurred in travel. A recommended agency is, and a discount is provided through Potter’s Field.

Visas will be issued upon arrival in Guatemala; further details will be provided regarding this process.


Travelers must arrange their own airfare for arrival to and departure from Guatemala.

Travelers must fly into and out of La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City (airport code GUA). From the airport, the Potter’s Field Center is situated about 45 minutes to 1 hour away. Transportation to and from the airport will be arranged as a part of your trip costs.

It is best to arrive in Guatemala City in the morning or afternoon (by 3:00pm); evening arrivals are discouraged, as we hope to host a welcome dinner on the first night. However, if you are unable to find a cost-effective flight that arrives in the morning or afternoon, simply contact our Missions Assistant and other arrangements can be made!

Once your airfare has been purchased, please email a copy of the itinerary to the Missions Assistant at These itineraries are due no later than 21 days prior to travel.


Lodging will be at a hotel called Casa Santa Rosa: .

Ground Transportation

Pick up and drop off at the airport for all arrivals and departures will be arranged and PFM staff will meet all travelers at the airport.

Once situated in Antigua, much of the travel can take place via walking, as this is the most common mode of transportation in the city and provides a wonderful introduction and experience of Antigua.

For longer distances and any travel outside of Antigua, the group will travel as a whole in small buses.


Breakfast will be served each morning at the hotel.

Most lunches and dinners will be provided at the Potter’s Field Center, prepared by our staff cooks. Also included are several lunches and/or dinners taken at local restaurants and cafes, and a special final dinner on Thursday night.


The cost per person is $750.00

  • Includes meals, ground transportation, and lodging
  • EXCLUDES airfare
  • EXCLUDES costs for special activities, trips, extra transportation, etc. on off days
  • EXCLUDES lunch on Monday 8/8, as it is an activity/off day and individual travelers will be participating in various activities, trips, etc.

Due Dates

*All deadlines are extended until July 1, 2016, or until the trip is full, whichever comes first

July 1st, 2016 – Remaining $575.00 per person payment + flight itinerary

Tentative Schedule

Please be aware that this schedule is very much subject to change. However, the components listed here will mostly likely be included but the actual days on which they take place may change.


Saturday 8/6


Arrival & settle in

Welcome dinner & Orientation

Sunday 8/7


Church service at Calvary Chapel Antigua

Potter’s Field Kids programs in Ciudad Vieja

Monday 8/8

Soup Kitchen Outreach at Trash Dump

Tuesday 8/9

PFM Family Trip Hospital Team 3

Hospital Outreach

Wednesday 8/10

PFM Family Day School Children 4


Visit local public schools where IGNITE interns teach English

Potter’s Field Kids weekly Kids Club in Antigua

Thursday 8/11


Activity/Off day / Souvenir shopping

Friday 8/12


Additional optional activities and outreaches will be provided, including the opportunity to take in classes in the IGNITE Mission Training School, interact with the staff, IGNITE interns, and IGNITE alumni on location, as well as walking tours of Antigua and noteworthy sites.