An Impact that Echoes

IGNITE Class 13 intern, Kenny, is finishing up his time on the field. Below is a testimony of his time in Uganda and a letter of thanks!

My name is Kenneth Bryant, and I’m 26 years old. I’m an intern in IGNITE Class 13, and I’m from Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. I’m currently in the last month of my field time serving in Uganda, and I’m very thankful for my time in IGNITE. Field time here in Uganda is incredible. You can find us serving alongside Calvary Chapel Entebbe helping lead worship, teaching the kids in Sunday school and helping out at the cafe which helps support the church. Not to mention the Potter’s Field Kids program that goes on where we help by teaching the kids about Jesus, serving them a meal and playing and loving on the kids that don’t get to attend Calvary Chapel Christian School. Beyond that there’s so much support from my team and the team leaders. It’s been amazing serving alongside one another, growing in the grace of the Lord and sharing our struggles and victories with one another. If I’m being honest, living with 20 people secluded in a remote Ugandan village can create tension. Even in the times of tension, there is a great victory. I’ve seen people humbling themselves after realizing a wrong, me chiefly being one of those having to bring my self to a lowly state and ask for forgiveness for a wrong action or reaction. The best part about all of it is even when there is tension, at the end of it we’re all united in the Spirit joined together by a higher calling that is far beyond what we can think or imagine. With that being said, after all, we’ve been through together, being able to lock arms and encourage one another to press on and continue moving forward in what God is calling us to do. Spending time with the children here is fantastic. It may be cliche, but they truly impact us more then we impact them. Seeing the personalities of the people and children that are molded by the circumstances generated by a third world country and how strong they are and joyful with the little amount that they have brings a whole new perspective to the cushy lives we live in America.


Kenny spent his six months in Uganda.

I believe the most significant impact that IGNITE has had on me was a phone call from Pastor Mike. He was not happy with our actions and some of the things he had seen from us and called us out on our immaturity. I fully believe that by discernment and being lead by the Spirit, Pastor Mike brought to our ears well-needed words of exhortation, challenging us in areas that we needed to be challenged in, breathing life into a team that was on the verge of falling apart. Me being the oldest intern, it hit me hard, and it positively impacted me, pushing me to strive harder and not take for granted the time that I have here. Though I still catch myself at times being less than grateful, I know the Lord is working in me through this tool we call IGNITE. Being here I’ve been placed in situations that bring to the surface ugly truths about my nature, and I need God’s grace to pour out upon my life. I need Him to continue to put me through the furnace to allow those impurities to rise that He may scrape them off with the gentle touch of His Spirit.  


Kenny during Potter’s Field Kids Uganda.

After going through IGNITE and all that it has to offer, it has made an impact on my life that will continue to echo throughout the rest of my life and even bleed into the lives of others. Since I’ve been here, my mother has begun seeking after Jesus. While on the phone with her she began to express how she started going to church and looking to get involved with the woman’s fellowship and proceeded to say “I’m just following in my son’s footsteps.” Though I know it’s all the Lord, and IGNITE isn’t the reason why my mom decided to seek after Jesus, she had seen a step of faith I took and decided she should too. That leap of faith I made happened to be IGNITE. It has been a very foundational experience which I will always be able to look to for encouragement, given that I’ve seen God show up on so many occasions speaking into my life and driving me to continue to press on.


(From left to right) Interns Kenny, Max, and Rachel during an island outreach.

I would highly recommend IGNITE to anyone looking to dedicate their life to the Lord. This time of intense discipleship, minimal distractions which leave us with no excuses, being able to spend quality time with the Lord is something that is very impactful, and if approached with the right heart God will use it to radically transform the lives of anyone who is willing. I want to say “thank you” to all of the sponsors who have supported this ministry and the transformational work that is happening in all the field locations. All of the lives it’s touching beyond the interns, but as well as the surrounding ministries and the relationships with the churches we’re able to develop and most of all the relationships with the children that we’re able to create. Just know that everything you’re doing is touching more lives than even us on the field can fathom. 

May the Lord bless you abundantly!





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