Your Support Is Making An Impact!

To the Supporters of Potter’s Field Ministries,

Thank you for lifting up our arms in service for His Kingdom! We would like to share what your money has gone towards and the incredible impact that you make all around the world! The numbers below are just a picture from ONE location of the impact being accomplished in all locations through your support!



57 IGNITE interns have been commissioned to serve in Guatemala for six months; a total of 342 months, or 28.5 years of service.



IGNITE Class 10 interns doing an outreach in the markets of Antigua.



Our interns have had the unique opportunity to teach English in the public school system of Guatemala, using the Bible as a basis, and reaching over 1,000 students being taught over the span of six different public schools. 40 of our interns have taught in these schools for over the past four consecutive years.



Mission Team members from CC Boston visiting one of the public schools.



Our location in Guatemala has three different weekly Kids Clubs that reach the youth of each city. Each location is different, but all include a meal for each child and a Bible lesson for the kids. In the city of Parramos, 30 to 50 children attend. In Antigua, there are 40 to 60 kids each week, and Cuidad Vieja has 20 to 30 children attending. It is an amazing time of growing friendships between intern and child, and learning about the wonderful news of Jesus Christ!



Pastor Michael and Pam Rozell during Kids Club Antigua.



Potter’s Field Ministries has hosted over 57 mission teams at our base in Antigua. As a whole, 900 team members have spent 6,3000 days serving in the country of Guatemala.



Mission Team members helping at Kids Club Antigua.



Through your support, we have partnered with 85 Doctors, Dentists, and Nurses to serve and assist more than 5,000 patients over the course of 20 outreaches.


Dan Munzing. IMG_1983

Dr. Dan Munzing during one of the medical outreaches.



Each month, 150 – 200 people are impacted by interns visiting public hospitals, through prayer and giving out bread. 285 people are impacted on a monthly basis as interns visit the Hermano Pedro Hospital and spend time with patients. Mission teams have visited these hospitals over 60 times. 225 people are impacted during the bus stop outreaches, where interns hand out bread to those using public transportation to arrive at school or work. Over 100 people are impacted by outreaches all throughout the city with interns giving out breakfast and/or a gospel presentation.


Brooke Gracie Conner IMG_1642

IGNITE staff and Class 11 interns assisting the Hermano Pedro Hospital during Guatemala’s Independence Day Parade!



Escuintla is an area of Guatemala that includes a community of people who live on a trash dump. The living conditions there are extremely difficult, but through partnering with a Christian organization called BuildinGUATE, we have been able to take 25 trips with mission teams to build houses, wells, and a medical center, as well as feed the people through soup kitchens.



Mission Team member during a soup kitchen outreach in Escuintla, Guatemala.




Three mission trips have been taken to the city of Xela, Guatemala. 54 interns served on these trips and passed out meals, gave the gospel presentation, and saw many people come to salvation.



IGNITE Class 13 intern in Xela, Guatemala passing out bread.



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