Service with Gratitude

IGNITE Class 13 intern, Hope Greenberg, of Calvary Chapel Boston, shares from her time serving on the Mudman Food Truck at the Calvary Chapel Pastors and Wives Conference at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs.

During training or even when I flew to Montana awaiting my field time I would have never thought what the Lord had for me. He ordained me to be on tour with PFM as well as my team that I am with 24/7. Being picked for Tour, I knew I was going to be serving at the tables on Sundays for sponsorship, selling Miss Pam’s CDs, and helping set up and tear down. And I have and am doing these things every service. I knew we had served previously at Mudman to help us prepare for the CCA Pastors & Wives Conference. But I had no clue the impact it would have on my life.


Potter’s Field presentation, Fall 2017.

On November 5th we finished packing up the service we had at Foothills Christian Fellowship and headed to Diamond Bar. We were going there to help the Mudman crew with the prep for an upcoming couple of days. My heart was not right as we pulled up to help. We got out of the car, and it seemed like there was nothing to do. I stood there for a few minutes waiting for a task for me to do. Then Jojo asked me to run for fries. I was so bitter, but the Lord was working in my heart. My flesh was incredibly weak. That whole night I fought with God as I carried the fries to the fridge and back. I had no clue what the Lord was doing in my heart as I faithfully did the job assigned to me. That night as we finished around midnight, I was ready for the Pastor’s conference. I was ready to serve the Pastors that constantly pour out to their congregations.


The Mudman food truck at the CCA Pastors and Wives Conference.

The next day the Lord gave me this gratitude and joy as I worked at Mudman for the next two days. I have never had this joy and thankfulness as I served the Lord in my whole life. In those three days of the Pastor’s Conference, I was able to serve the Pastors that have so faithfully heeded the calling that the Lord has placed upon their lives. I was able to serve my Pastor, my friend’s parents, and the pastors that taught me in my training. Those long days of prepping in Montana were used to bring me to be able to work at Mudman so I could serve these men and women.

It was not easy serving these longs days, but the Lord blessed it. He blessed me abundantly. In these days the Lord was putting on my heart, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). He was teaching me to seek Him and the Kingdom of God first. Then all these things will be added unto me. I was able to serve with my brothers and sisters in Christ in fellowship. I was able to lean on the Lord for strength to leave an impact on the people attending the conference.

IMG_9937 Team Uganda-Tour

Interns (left to right), Hope, Mikaela, Rachel, and Caroline, serving with Potter’s Field’s Fall 2017 tour.


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