Blessed Faithfulness

Connor Strong is an intern in the Potter’s Field IGNITE Mission Training School. Over the last six months, he has traveled to Cambodia for seven weeks and joined Pastor Michael and Pam Rozell in their Touring Ministry. The following is a thank you letter from Connor to the sponsors of Potter’s Field Ministries for their faithful prayers and support. Together we are making disciples of all nations and making known the name of Jesus.


Connor Strong with IGNITE Class 11 teammate (Noah Ehrhard) and their overseer, Zach Martinez

Looking back at the last nine months of my life fills me with such joy and humility. The IGNITE Mission Training School has opened so many doors in my life that I wouldn’t have expected in a million years. Starting in July 2016, I spent three months in Guatemala for training, then I was blessed to go on tour with Potter’s Field Ministries as a part of my six-month field time. After traveling the United States, my teammate and I spent seven weeks in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and now we are serving in St. Petersburg, Florida alongside Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg! I know that it all seems like a lot, and it is. However, I’ve grown to learn how truly blessed I am by this ministry and its faithful sponsors and supporters, without whom, almost all of what I’ve been able to experience wouldn’t be possible.


Connor in Cambodia

In November I stood at the back table of a Potter’s Field presentation and watched many people come and sign up as regular supporters and select Cambodian prayer children in our program. Not even two weeks later I was in Cambodia sharing Jesus with the same kids who those people were praying for. I even watched a young girl receive a bike as a gift from a sponsor. It really hit me, what I’m a part of, and that our supporters are truly affecting the lives of young children globally and young adults who are seeking after Christ. Your donation and support do so much more than what surface level might show. Now, at the beginning of the re-entry phase of IGNITE, I can know and trust that the course of my life will never be what I thought it was. This ministry will continue to have opportunities to build relationships and shape lives across the globe because of the faithfulness of sponsors that God has blessed Potter’s Field Ministries with. With you, we can continue encouraging people and children to pursue Christ forever and ever, ‘til the whole world hears.

Thank you, beyond what my words on paper could express,

Connor Strong


At Potter’s Field Kids Club in Guatemala during training phase of IGNITE Program


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