A Word of Thanks

Written by Kazden Colpitts of IGNITE Class 10, from Crossroads Community Church:

Dear Sponsors of Potter’s Field Ministries,

My name is Kazden Colpitts, and I am in IGNITE Class 10. I am from Vancouver, Washington, just north of Portland, Oregon. My home church is Crossroads Community Church which I have been attending since I was three years old. Growing up going to church, I never thought I would get a chance to travel the world and spread the name of Jesus, especially at the age of nineteen. Right now I am in the field time phase of IGNITE, serving in the country of Cambodia. It has been the opportunity of a lifetime to be in the IGNITE program.


Kazden in Guatemala during IGNITE training

Being in IGNITE is an experience that I will glean from for the rest of my life. This program has made an impact on my life that has changed me deeply. These last few months I’ve gotten to live among Cambodians in a village and be a part of their lives. Getting to eat meals, play soccer, and just hang out with them has helped me to understand and love people so much more deeply. Before coming to Cambodia, it was so easy for me to look at people and define them by their circumstances. Now I am able to see past people’s conditions and into their lives. I am able to get to know them for who they are, without preconceived ideas based on the appearance of their lives. Cambodians and Americans alike, both need Jesus. All Cambodians share a dark history because of the genocide that happened in their country about forty years ago. Many people have no hope in the future, but the Christians here are passionate in their faith. It has been very encouraging to see life from the perspective of a Cambodian, as they are zealous for what God is going to do in their country through them.


Kazden at Kids Club with PFM Staff in Samrong Young, Cambodia

I am looking forward to taking that zealous faith back to home with me. America needs it. The direction I was going before coming to the IGNITE program was lacking God’s control. There was a grip on my life before IGNITE that I’ve learned to give to God. I have a sense now that God is in control of my life and has a plan that He wants to accomplish in my life. When I finish this program, I know God has a life in store for me that I would never have known had I said “no” to this opportunity He gave me in the form of the IGNITE program. As so many youth in our country are living without the presence of God in their lives, I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity I had, if God calls them.

I thank the sponsors of Potter’s Field Ministries for the work they enable to happen around the world. Without your support it wouldn’t be possible.



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