Celebrating Friendship

The following is written by Betty Abang, our Potter’s Field Kids overseer in Uganda

Some call him Indiana Jones and twelve years ago he and his family came to Uganda answering the call of God. This calling resulted in the birth of a small fellowship of between 15 and 20 people meeting at Pastor Craig and Loren Linquist’s home. This fellowship would eventually grow into what is now Calvary Chapel Entebbe (CCE).

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Craig Linquist

On April 3, 2016, CCE had a celebration to mark it’s tenth anniversary. The theme of the day was “Celebrating 10 Years of God’s Faithfulness.” Over the years God has faithfully provided for the various programs that the church runs. He has done this through bringing friends to the church, chief among whom is Potter’s Field Ministries (PFM).

The partnership between PFM and CCE began in 2009. Much has been accomplished through this relationship. An elementary school that currently has 366 students has been running for nine years, charging a low tuition that gives many access to a good education. There is also a Bible club that meets every Saturday with an average attendance of 300 kids. There are school outreaches, island outreaches, and a scholarship program that is currently assisting 75 students to attend school. We also have a scouts-like program for tweens and teens called Calvary Chapel Christ Corps (C4) that disciples and equips members with practical skills. Finally, we have had the privilege of starting our own discipleship and sponsorship IGNITE program for local students out of high school and ready to join university, as well as periodically hosting IGNITE interns from the United States America.

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PFK Uganda

There is so much good that has come out of these programs. For starters, children that began as “trouble makers” have become well behaved. It is easy to see satisfaction on a child’s face when they have just eaten a good meal that you know is a big deal for them. We see the Lord at work as we hear the joyful giggling of children playing on the playground, or when we see the smile on a child’s face as they receive a small gift at Christmas time. Children have preached the gospel through song and dance as part of the children’s choir, as well as had an opportunity to develop their God-given gifts. Kids that would have been at home or on the streets working have received access to an education, and been exposed to things such as agricultural shows as part of C4. Young people have completed their bachelors’ degrees and are now serving in the church and school, and American youth that came as interns through the IGNITE program have returned to serve as missionaries.

We are so thankful for everyone at Potter’s Field Ministries and the individuals from various churches who send in their donations to support the work that God is doing at Calvary Chapel Entebbe. We may not get to meet all of you here on earth but we look forward to getting to know you in heaven! Thank you for being our friend.

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Craig and Loren Linquist

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times


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