Inside Look: PFK Guatemala

An overview of the Potter’s Field Kid’s Club in Guatemala:


PFK Antigua

Each Wednesday we have a Potter’s Field Kid’s program at our Headquarters in Antigua. The kids start showing up at the Center about 1:00 PM and immediately sign in with PFM Staff. After signing in, they walk over to where the food is being served and eat lunch on property. The meal depends on the week, but it usually consists of rice, beans, tortillas and some sort of meat. For the first hour the kids will play various games. There is almost always a soccer game, and some of the girls might bump the volleyball around while other children run around and play with the PFM staff and interns.


Prayer with the Kids

At around 2:15 we gather all of the children into the tent and pray with them. Then we split them up by ages. The older children go out to the fire pit and have a time of more contemporary worship, whereas the younger kids stay in the tent, play a few games and worship to kids songs. After worship, each group then has a Bible lesson, usually given by one of the Bible College students. The older students have a longer, more in depth lesson, and the younger students a shorter and more to the point lesson. The younger kids then have a chance to color coloring sheets based on the lesson. Afterwards, we all gather together again in the tent to close in prayer. After, the children are welcome to stay around for about 30 minutes and play more games before its time to go home. We end at about 3:30.


Eating Lunch at PFK in Antigua

We also have a Kid’s Club every other Thursday at Parramos, which is a town about 25 minutes from Antigua. The serving interns are the only ones that usually go to this Kid’s Club. We leave at about 2:15 and arrive right before 3:00. The children start to show up around 3:15 and classes usually start at about 3:30. It is an extremely relaxed and easy-going Kid’s Club. There are a few different classes for the different ages, including an adult English class. Each class focuses on teaching English, even the little ones. After about 45 minutes of instruction, all of the classes gather together inside of the church and we pray together and do kid’s songs for about 20 minutes. We then will usually play a game or two. After that, one of the Pastor’s sons will get up and teach a 15-minute Bible lesson to the kids. We then close in prayer and head home.

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Teaching the kids in Parramos

Our last Kid’s Club in Ciudad Vieja is every other Saturday. We will usually leave the Center at about 1:30 PM and head over. It is about 30 minutes away. When we arrive, there are usually a couple kids already there, so spontaneous games erupt and we play with the kids for about 30 minutes. After that, Helbert, the overseer at this location, will gather all of the students and pray with them. We will then play a game or two, depending on time. After the game, Helbert gathers them together again and shares with them a Bible lesson for another 30 minutes or so. After this, the children are served a basic lunch of rice, beans, tortillas and some sort of meat. We sit with them and hangout while they eat. Then after they eat, we generally are responsible for cleaning all the dishes. Those not cleaning are playing with the kids. After the dishes are done, we head home.


Children eating in Ciudad Vieja


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