God on the Move in Cambodia

Update from Christa in Cambodia:

Today began a 4-day conference (Asian Christian Conference) hosted by New Life Fellowship. The conference is expected to have nearly 4,000 attendees and this morning the church took the opportunity to hold a vision casting meeting for the 400+ pastors, leaders, and families from the village church plants of New Life that traveled to the city for the conference.

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Village Pastors sharing with the congregation

You can see in one of the photos a boy wearing a PFK shirt – he and his family came all the way from the village of Roloch, which is 6-7 hours away from the city of Phnom Penh. This is one of the 8 villages that have a PFK program.

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During the meeting, the missions pastor at New Life shared about the church’s goal of planting 500 new house churches in the next 5 years, affecting every province in Cambodia.

The 7 provinces that were represented in that meeting each set a goal of how many churches they want to see started in their province in 2016. The numbers ranged from 6-30. It was emboldening and exciting to see this church step out in faith with a goal like this, along with strategies and plans for how to accomplish this.

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Missions Pastor sharing further details on vision for 500 church plants in 5 years

They talked about what a great burden and concern it is for them to see the economy and development of Cambodia advancing and growing at a faster rate than Christianity in Cambodia. For so many of us, we look at statistics like those as “normal” and “unchangeable”.

This church in Cambodia refuses to see that as normal, and trusts God for the impossible as they seek to follow Christ in such a way that constantly invites others to and spreads the gospel like wildfire. Over the next 10 years, they hope to see the percentage of Christianity in Cambodia increase from 2% to 10%.

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IGNITE interns Kaitlin and Shelby preparing to help with Child Care, including face painting for the kids




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