A Missionary’s Perspective

Matt and Brooke McClain, along with their three beautiful children, have been serving with our ministry for over five years, originally in Costa Rica, but residing at our Center in Guatemala for the last two years. Matt wrote this post for us about witnessing lives transform over the years…including their own.

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“The Lord’s hand was surely upon our lives in orchestrating the way Brooke and I began serving with Potter’s Field Ministries over five years ago. “Transforming lives forever” is the vision the Lord gave us when He called us to the mission field in 2007. Although we were initially called to the field to serve in a discipleship ministry in the capital of Costa Rica, the vision the Lord gave Pastor Mike Rozell over twenty years ago is something we are still passionate about in our every day lives today. Over the past eight years serving on the mission field and working with children, teenagers, young adults, and also adults- both from Latin America as well as our own culture,

we truly have seen the Lord transform lives.

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We also have seen the Lord transform each of us more into His image over these years. I’ve always wondered, “Did the Lord call me to the mission field to ‘transform the lives’ of others by sharing the saving power of His gospel with them or did He call me to the mission field to be transformed myself?” I believe the answer is “yes” and “yes.” Without a doubt the Lord has placed me in a position, now serving with PFM in Guatemala, to be a living sacrifice that is poured out on the altar for Him and for His glory as I serve others. I believe a big part of serving Jesus and living in a culture not my own is for the work the Lord desires to do not only in me but in my family as well that will carry over for generations to come.

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The staff of PFM and the people that serve in the ministry are ordinary people. We’ve all got a story to tell and every story is different. But the one thing that is extraordinary about this ministry is the God we serve. He has taken willing vessels yielded to His purpose and guided by His Spirit and He is using them around the world in the rice fields of Cambodia and in the slums of Kenya and amongst the ruins of Antigua and in the big sky country of Montana. As we look to their lives and see that their lives make much of Jesus, it’s our desire that our lives, too, make much of Him – ’Til the Whole World Hears!'”


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