Potter’s Field Ministries: The Beginning

In 1992, Pastor Michael and Pam gave their first Potter’s Field presentation at a women’s retreat in South Florida. Michael made a pot and gave a short message on Jeremiah 18, while Pam sang original songs composed specifically for the event. The Holy Spirit was so present in that event, Pam knew that this was what they were supposed to do together before the foundations of the earth. Michael never dreamed that his avocation as a potter would be used as a tool, along with his wife’s gift of singing/songwriting, to bring a message of hope of the “Potter and the clay” that would lead countless people to Christ, heal marriages and put broken lives back together again.

They are still doing this today, twenty years later. Since then, Pastor Michael and Pam have been in churches all across the country. They continue to tour, ministering the love and grace of Jesus in over a hundred church services each year around the world.

Potter’s Field Ministries stands as a testimony of God’s ability to bring beauty out of ashes. He has truly fashioned a ministry that understands the power of unity and is doing its part to unite the Body of Christ in our common call to spread the Gospel until the whole world really does hear!


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